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Shannon, England, 19, Gay, Shropshire, talk to me :)

I give up on so many things recently I cba with people anymore

2 days ago
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Why do I bother, you cant even man up and tell your cheating gf that you talk to me, and you cant even tell her that you kissed me becauss oh her life is soo hard! Oh what a shame atleast she isnt a dirty little secret AGAIN! So many times you ‘promised’ I’d never be some secret again but your promises mean nothing you don’t actually give a shit you lie to me all the time and it obv doesn’t bother you

3 days ago
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Someone look after pizzasexandcigarettes while I’m at reading, I’m gonna miss her and she needs someone to message her being adorable while I can’t do it :P 

1 day ago
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10/10 would go gay for her

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2 days ago
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I don’t understand why people feel that it’s necessary to lie to me all the time. Do you really think I can’t see through every lie you’ve ever told me?

3 days ago
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